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Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
19 May 2010 @ 10:37 am
No idea what to do at this point. It's obvious about needing to get a job again.
What to do with _____ I have no idea.
It almost seems as if he is trying to make me forget him.

He says he has been depressed... well I have been too.

Life life life...
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Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
19 May 2010 @ 01:59 am
up at 1:53 am doing nothing but listening to Parov Stelar.

I hope it is going to be nice weather tomorrow.

The weird thing about today is that I got enough sleep but I continued to remain exhausted.

Thinking about life in general, I wish there was some odd way out of the situation I am in.
Just some way to get out and fly away from it all.
It can't happen like that though.

I think I might sleep upstairs on the couch tonight. Flip through channels on tv... it's something I haven't done for a very long time.
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
18 May 2010 @ 01:13 pm
It was fun yesterday. We went to Dave & Busters and won like 6,000 some tickets. I kept hitting jackpots.

It has been overcast and rainy lately and it is bothering me. It brings no motivation.

Cashews are like crack to me. I don't know when to stop!

What am I going to do today? Probably nothing!
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
17 May 2010 @ 01:54 am
What a ride it's been. Just look at the old entries.
I used to write a lot and now I just feel dumber for not keeping up with what I had.

So people probably won't read this because I have no idea how they are going to find my user name... It's all good though because I am off the grid.

I do need to look through my Myspace account and save many blogs that I would like to keep. I will then delete that account. If I decide to go back, I will start with a new-fresh-clean-slate.

Tonight was an enjoyable night. I got to hang out in Steve's backyard... we never did that before. Well there was this one time when we lit up a dead possum.

I don't know what I will be doing for the rest of the week but I reckon I will be looking for a job.
Keep your eyes peeled for one and holler if you find one for me.
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Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
18 December 2007 @ 06:18 pm
Expedite my conquest to the roadstead full of exuberant potentials and away from everything else;
I wish my heart would have stopped before I met you because it has been broken ever since.
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
13 October 2007 @ 11:46 am

I felt free as a bird at the beach till I realized it was just a trap. They have installed sharp blades in the shallow area. They re-use you as fertilizer for the nearby woods... go figure. So we traveled back home. We wanted to go to the goods store first.

We were just walking around in town and the police walked up to us and pulled my friends eye out.

It's hard to go have fun anymore. It's like going on a mission any time we have to pass through town. The smog is becoming so thick... we can barely see where we are going anymore.

I have to carry a flashlight just in case I am out too late. Luckily I know where to run if a muerte-bot comes across me. My friend wasn't so lucky though... a robot caught him and raped him.

The horrible sounds of people crying really gets to me.
Some can't afford masks, so they are left breathing the atmosphere.

Just because we are underpaid, doesn't mean we should be exterminated.

I don't know how the world came to be this way. Police brutality, angry muerte-bots, and zombie-drone humans that don't want to help themselves.

My buddy Vita showed me where he goes to watch television.
That's how I know when and where the embots will do their sweeps.

We have to go underground. It's wet and there are live wires everywhere. It's dangerous but it seems like everything is full of death nowadays.

I found out the the muerte-bots don't go down there because they don't know how to climb down ladders. I used that to my advantage once.

I climbed up a ladder while I was being chased and ran around on the rooftop. By the time I was climbing back down, the muerte-robot was terribly confused as to where I was and to where it was. I think it's still up there, it's been a month already.

We don't talk much about the ladders though, they might find out about it and try to fix the glitch.

I lost my friend that had one eye.
It turns out the policeman had planted a mini-bomb in his eye socket.

I was walking underground and I noticed that they came up with a new idea.
They started a new project called "Pesci Adulti".

It's where they take a person and a giant fish and somehow put them together to make these weird underground mutants.

They cannot go into the sun though, so we are trying to reprogram an embot to teach these mutants how to climb ladders.

That way, this embot we have will lead a bunch of mutants to a rooftop where they will die and the embot will be trapped. We will be able to retrieve it later on this week.

I will laugh when the bigwigs smell the failure of their project on their rooftops.

The government took ideas from the aliens that invaded years ago.
They made public pools into traps just like the beaches.

The pools have giant fans in the far bottom corner.
The fan slowly pulls you to the other side of the pool. You think it is fun at first till you realize what they are trying to do. It'll suck you up and chop you in to pieces.
I almost lost another friend to this.
We thought it would be too risky to try using the public showers.

While we walked through town again, the same policeman that pulled my friends' eye out threw a grenade at a mother and her son.
Luckily, they were sitting by the river and the grenade went under water.

Some vigilante saw this happen and shot the policeman in the throat.
He choked on his blood for a few minutes. He kept trying to call the vigilante some obscene name. He obviously didn't get to communicate his anger towards the vigilante.

I don't know where I am going to sleep tonight. It is almost dark and I am five miles away from home.

I was at the funeral home, just passing through.
It is a short cut to the next road that I needed to be on.
A lady asked me if I needed anything and I lied and just told her that I was remembering back when I was there last. She told me that business has been slow lately. I thought to myself... I thought business will probably speed up pretty soon. I jokingly told her that I will try to help her business out but I can assured her that I will not become a customer.

Her husband was upstairs in his office. He yelled at her to go up there and cover his work for him while he went to the gas station. As I was leaving the funeral home, the man insisted that he would give me a lift. He took me to the gas station and right as he parked, he was shot in the forehead.

I jumped out of his truck and ran across the street and looked around. The police had shot him on accident. They were trying to shoot a man on a motorcycle. I got away as soon as possible.

I noticed the two Taco Bells right next to each other... so I knew I was close to home.
The restaurants are in high competition.

Helicopters were flying all around the area. Something big was happening and I didn't know what was going on.

There was a riot. People on bikes with guns and swords.

I got home and was out on the balcony watching all of these people march by.
I'd say every 30 seconds somebody got shot in front of our house.
They just kept marching.
I don't know where they were going.

I looked up because I heard the helicopter stop making noise...
it was falling right for us. I didn't have enough time to run all the way downstairs and away from the building, so I accepted that I might just die.
The helicopter missed us and landed right in the middle of the street.
I jumped backwards and I felt the heat from the explosion.

You see, they just want the world for themselves.
They want to make it miserable for us.
They want us to die off.
It won't happen that easy.

They'll make some new technique to try and kills us off, we will retaliate and ruin their new plan.
I have a feeling that they think we are un-educated.

They have started to poison the water.
This is just getting horrible.
They have no feelings.
Even little kids drink this water.
Everyone turns up dead.

To stay alive, you have to stay on your feet.
You have to know what's going on.
Networking is key.

I could just sit around at my house all day... but they'll get me if I do.

We had a meeting down below in the tunnels.
We have plans to dig deeper and make a new world down below.

We will try to get as many people down here as possible so the big wigs think we are all gone.
They will be surprised.

We are starting to get people with great skills. Pretty soon we'll have a workshop that specializes in making weapons.

First big thing we have to do is create some sort of security system. It sounds crazy but we are actually thinking of putting a bar code on each person down here.
If you don't have a bar code while trying to enter, you are immediately shot.

Of course, we have to make that well known. We will set up stations where you can get your bar code. The stations can't stay in one place or they'll get shut down.

There are new embots that know how to climb down ladders. The rich tried to teach them how to get down here.
Luckily one of our people saw this happening.

We welded one ladder onto another. These ladders lead you down into a deep hole. When the ladder ends, there is a 12 foot drop. We hung a rope a few feet away from the ladder... one of our guys was being chased by an embot and he climbed down the ladder real quick and jumped to grab the rope. He held on tight till the bot passed him and just kept climbing down the ladder. The bot dropped down and got trapped.

The funny thing about these embots is they all know where each other are. If one stays still too long, another one will come by and check up on it. So guess what happened...
by the end of the week, we had about a dozen embots all in one area.
Just another crazy day.

I was enjoying my cigarette that I had been holding onto for two weeks and this man approached me while I was sitting on a bench in town. He stood in front of me and said that I would be perfect for the "dinner party".

He pulled out a switch blade and tried jumping at me.
I pulled out my gun real fast and shot him in the gut. I proceeded to pistol-whip him in the face to knock him out and drag his body into a dark corner.

I searched all of his pockets and found $1,000 in cash in his wallet.
The most money I had been used to holding at one time is ten dollars.

This is perfect.
This is my ticket in.
This is my way to help out.
I just hope he doesn't have a wife or kids.

I had his address from his ID.
I had his keys. I practically now had his life.

Before I took off to find his house, I dropped his body in the dark hole full of embots.
I'll deal with it later. I'll just let a fish-man eat it.

His house is on the expensive side of town.
I made sure to keep his suit.

I thought the only way I can go walk into his house is by cleaning the suit and obtaining a hat. I'll go in at night time. I am the same height as him. I'll just go in as quick as possible.

Finding his house wasn't too hard, you just look for the nice roads and cars. The landscaping is perfect. I also hoped he didn't have a vicious dog or I'd have to put it to sleep.

I made it to his house in about an hour. I looked through his mail. I had to find out more personal information.

His place is so full of money. He has a nice old Jaguar parked in the street.
I am confused though, he must have a second car. I doubt he went into town on foot.

Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
12 August 2007 @ 12:30 am
singe the lies and make sure they get capped.
turn off the lights and call it a night.
Laudanum lake had me wanting to stay.
It felt like I was finally with you.

Facades make the world go round.
If only the facades could stay constant.
We would be in heaven.

they want me to degrade women around me
I don't think it's fair to me or anyone.
Let us not be like the plebeians.

I don't want it because it doesn't want me...
it's gone further than the eye can see.
faded in then pushed out
away, away...

late night walks
jazz and techno
it's better when
it's room-temperature outside.

I did everything you wanted
I'd fight till the end
whatever you need
is what I give.

I cast my words on the sailing ship
that cuts the tides
when I am not around.
like tiles on the roof

they'll be jealous
you know they'll scream
when they see us together

pushing the tears from the sky
down the intricate system...
trying to understand
the ambiguity of Eutopia.

I'd hold hands but I'd prefer we didn't right now
the man has a shotgun watching my every move
for I am different.

harmonics are demonic and vindictive.
perfect harmony
has starved us
with smiles on our faces.

different doesn't mean a thing...
we'll change their minds.
someday it'll be easier.

Disharmonious actions would show confliction.
Our state would become a contradiction.
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
12 July 2007 @ 10:13 am

Dark Side of Oz
"Dark Side of Oz" on Google Video
This is a trippy video mash-up of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and the Wizard of Oz.
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
18 March 2007 @ 08:20 pm
one cut through life,
one cut to hell.

glass will break
to fall
and decorate

the ground with
flesh cutting
unlike sugar,

glass will kill
the one who
the sparkles
into their drink.

makes you think
of all the times
you would have rather
used glass
instead of sugar

put your worst
on the top
of the list
for December's
glass special

nobody knows
when it will stop.
dead time will tell.
Aqua Vitae, Post Mortem
12 August 2006 @ 01:30 am
I am pissed at the world.

I don't know what to do when I am pissed.

Some people cut.
I would normally do drugs.
I quit that though.
Surprisingly I want to stop drinking so much.

It's hard to get addicted to not being an addict.

I don't want to get into specifics.
It's not in my taste to go into detail about my personal issues or situations anymore.

Not that anyone fucking cares anyway.

Like I once said, people get too lost in their worlds to notice the crumbling of another.

Maybe by luck... one might remember one who faded away long ago.

I hate it when people can't come to terms with one another.
I dislike how people can't be blunt with others in explaining why there is conflict.

I don't like how conflict is dismissed as ones own fault.

All of life is that ridiculous Catch-22.

I can't do shit without something going wrong because I didn't do it Plan B style instead of A.
Plan A equaling the style that is mine and not yours.
There are always repercussions.
Always damned either way.
Just kill me already karma.

One may say this is prose... but this is how Jeff Marshall thinks... so get used to it.
This isn't poetry.
It's not Kosher either.
Nothing is alright.

I know when things are bad they can become better.
Just getting sick of it happening in this cycle.

Try to have a good time and the demon becomes released and arguments sprout like dandelions.
Always talks that I should get up and go.
Who knows what might happen then.

Might get too comfortable being gone to where I will cut off all contacts.
So is my invitation to leave a way of saying fuck off we don't like you?
You have over stayed your welcome... go elsewhere... happy trails go die.

Life is all about the green evil also.
Nobody can communicate like we are supposed to.
Always has to be planned and orderly.
Always involves money.
Has to be something spectacular.

People say they are bored yet nobody wants to do anything.
Has the U.S. gotten lazy?
Everyone says how they want to move somewhere else... yet they stay chained down to their nasty routines.

What's the deal with people disliking things that don't affect them?
Talk about being selfish.
Talk about closed minds.

I am closing this entry.